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Serving in DOT Compliance since 2004!

Why You Need My Services:
In my experience as an investigator and auditor, I found that most motor carriers were in violation of some part of the regulations (often due to ignorance or not being able to get the correct answers to their questions). DOT investigation fines and inspection citations are costly, and often “linger” in your safety history for 2-5 years. A poor CSA score triggers investigations, and a poor investigation may result in an unsatisfactory or conditional safety rating. There is often down-time involved, with the ultimate consequence of being shut down. In the process of upgrading your safety rating or CSA scores, you can lose valued contracts or even insurance coverage. A proactive approach will save you DOT/CSA troubles in the long run. I believe that the “safe” way is the best way, and will provide you with the clearest highway to profitability and success. If you already have encountered difficulties with DOT, I can help you improve your scores and appeal your safety rating, showing corrective actions that will satisfy FMCSA or DPS.

ASK a Question:
You can text, email, or call me regarding questions you have related to roadside violations or safety rules and requirements.

DATA Q and Rating Appeals:
If you have been incorrectly cited during an inspection, I can help you challenge the inspection with correct information from the federal regulations or Texas Administrative Code. If you need help correcting violations cited on roadside or during compliance reviews or focused investigations, I can help you correct your records, update required training, create or update required policies or procedures, and send FMCSA or the Motor Carrier Bureau your corrective action plan, which will result in a higher safety rating and continued operation of your vehicles.

DOT/CSA Analysis and Score Repair/ Mock Audits:
I will review your safety data and records to determine your compliance needs, including any exemptions you may qualify for. Throughout my years of public service, I found many people did not understand the regulations and were not in full compliance due to lack of knowledge or resources. For example, many motor carriers claimed the 150 air mile radius exemption, but were not in compliance because they were not keeping any time records showing hours of service. I will analyze your records and statistics and advise you of my findings, as well as give you “tried and true” solutions to help you get into compliance. I have the ability to find new solutions, too, to help your company “fit” into the DOT regulations even when a company is so unique it is not a good “fit.”

Preparation for, or Attendance for State or Federal Compliance Reviews or Safety Audits:
As a former investigator and Safety Auditor, I am very familiar with the safety audit and compliance review process. I can help you get organized, so you can go through the process as painlessly as possible.

The best way to become strong in safety and compliance is to educate management, drivers, mechanics, and other safety personnel. When you document safety meetings and training, it provides a written record indicating safety is a priority for your company. I can provide customized training to fit your specific safety needs or requirements. Just let me know how many participants will be attending, topics of interest, and types of safety problems you are trying to correct.

Click here to see a list of topics and details of training that I offer.

Record Keeping Set up and Maintenance:
I can help you set up your records for insurance, biennial updates, registration, driver qualification, safety performance history background checks, hours of service to include log books or time records, drug and alcohol testing, CDL, maintenance and Haz Mat. I will review possible exemptions you may be overlooking or explain how and when to claim them. I can either help you get your records set up correctly, with you maintaining them afterwards, or I can both set up and maintain your records on an ongoing basis. This will depend on your needs and preferences.

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