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Serving in DOT Compliance since 2004!

Central Texas DOT Safety Consulting is about transportation safety and getting you into compliance with Texas Administrative Rules, Texas Transportation codes, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. Whether you need consulting, training, or actual safety services/compliance work, I’ll work with you to get the job done.

Important Dates to Watch For DOT Compliance
  • CSA
  • Data Q
  • Safety Audits
  • Compliance Reviews
  • FMCSA and Texas Regs
  • Hours of Service
  • Haz Mat
  • Level I, II, III,& V Inspections
  • Out of Service Criteria
  • Up-to-Date Information
  • Drug & Alchohol Testing Requirements
  • Driver Qualification, including Safety Performance History Checks
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Crash Prevention

You'll be "DOT-OKAY" with us!!!