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DOT Safety Class

Central Texas DOT Safety Consulting is about transportation safety and getting you into compliance with Texas Administrative Rules, Texas Transportation codes, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. Whether you need consulting, training, or actual safety services/compliance work, I’ll work with you to get the job done.

I have expertise knowledge in both interstate and intrastate rules, and am experienced in roadside inspections and office management and compliance of required records. I analyze your CSA scores and examine and educate your company on exemptions you may be qualified to claim. I help you find their way through the red tape and confusion of the requirements. I have remedies and solutions to your industry’s problems and challenges, and will help you repair your CSA scores or safety ratings.


Julie Waldrip - Central Texas DOT Safety Consulting & Training

My name is Julie Waldrip.  I was born and raised in Waco, and grew up helping out in a family business:  BJ’s Affiliated Food Store, a grocery store in North Waco.  I am relocating back to Waco for family reasons.   I worked in education and/or public safety for over 26 years.  For over 11 years, I was an investigator and instructor for the Texas Department of Public Safety.  In October 2015, I started Central Texas DOT Safety Consulting, and have been working with industry ever since.

Julie Waldrip - Central Texas DOT Safety Consulting & TrainingAs an investigator, I worked the roadside, along with the CVE troopers, and conducted Level I and II inspections, including haz mat and cargo tank inspections.  I also conducted DOT and CSA Compliance Reviews and Safety Audits.  My duty stations were Lubbock, Austin, and Garland during my career at the department.  For 7 years, I trained new investigators on ISA (Investigative Safety Analysis) and CSA (Compliance Safety Analysis). I also served as an instructor for FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and NTC (National Training Center).   I was invited to conduct industry safety talks and serve on safety professional boards throughout my career.  During my last year at DPS, I was a field manager for the North Texas area and supervised compliance reviews and safety audits for this area.  I learned a great deal in the trenches about the transportation industry and DOT and compliance during my career at DPS.

As a safety consultant, I have worked with over 100 companies doing training, mock audits, consulting, records set up and maintenance.  I have also helped companies who have been through compliance reviews resulting in a poor safety rating.  I assisted them in developing a stronger safety program, which resulted in them obtaining much-improved CSA scores and better safety ratings or follow up audits with no violations. 

As your safety consultant, I will review your operations, safety program, and scores to determine how to best build a sound safety program and safety culture within your company.

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