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My standard consulting rate is $125/hour.  I reserve the right to charge more for appropriate reasons, such as complicated operations requiring extensive research or travel requirements.  I also reserve the right to charge less, based on customer loyalty or other discounts or specials I might be offering.  Training fees are based on number of people in attendance, and type of training.  Compliance work performed is generally $125/hour, but will depend on type of work and complexity involved.

My Ask A Question service is available as time permits and generally, for a fee.  However, if a question can be answered in less than 10 minutes, I will not charge a fee.  If a question will require extensive research or a consultation, I will advise you of the estimated cost, and possibly point you to another resource for a speedier answer or free information you can research yourself.  It is most beneficial if your question is detailed and provides enough information to help me give a precise answer.  In the world of regulations, “it depends” is often the answer you will receive; for example, interstate or intrastate, type of cargo, mile radius, are often factors that can change the answer.  My fees for answers to questions will be based on time required with an hourly rate of $100, so if a question response takes 30 minutes, you may be charged $50.

Resources will be offered for a fee.  As a safety service, I will post resources on my website for free.  Occasionally, I may request feedback for those choosing to try them.  Items that will be offered:  Checklists, templates for required compliance documents, forms with instructions, training videos or slide shows, and educational materials. 

Retainer:  For clients who desire continued service beyond initial training or asking questions, they can set up a contract for monthly, semi-annual, or quarterly checks where compliance work, training, safety talks, or compliance monitoring is performed. Advantages for this type of arrangement are as follows:  higher priority for compliance emergencies will be given for clients with contracts, better communication of DOT news and updates will be facilitated with regular visits, easy access to ask me DOT questions or to pose DOT problems, free resources will be provided, and clients will benefit and keep a stronger commitment to safety by setting up routine maintenance with accountability. 

Note:  Payment should be given at time of service.  Credit card or checks are appropriate means of payment.

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