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9/1/2021:  House Bill 19 will apply to any lawsuit in Texas filed after September 1, 2021. Motor carriers and drivers must understand the minimum FMCSA and Texas statutes they must comply with to take full advantage of the new law.  See the following link to a TXTA brochure which summarizes the commercial vehicle lawsuit reform bill.

12/9/2021:  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration adds rear impact guards to the annual DOT inspection in Part 396, Appendix A, # 15. An example of the type of rear impact guard damage that would result in the vehicle failing to pass the annual inspection would include visible cracks in the welds or missing bolts at the attachment point to the trailer.

2/7/2022:  Entry Level Driving Training went into effect, requiring minimum training standards for drivers wishing to obtain a CDL or wishing to upgrade their CDL, including adding certain endorsements. See link below to find FAQs and/or find a training provider:

5/6/2022:  FMCSA amended regulations to increase the allowable area for mounting “vehicle safety technologies” from the currently allowed 4 inches from the distance below the upper edge of the area swept by the windshield wipers to 8.5 inches.  FMCSA changed the definition of vehicle safety technology to include systems and devices that contain cameras, lidar, radar, sensors, and/or video.

5/9/2022:  FMCSA eliminated the requirement to have drivers prepare and submit a list of their convictions for traffic violations to their employers annually.  Motor carriers are still required to run MVRs and review the driving records initially, upon hire, and annually.  The driver’s application had a minor adjustment to change “State” to “Licensing Authority” under the License Information. See link below for more information:

Dates to Watch:
1/6/2023:  National Drug/Alcohol Clearinghouse will be the source for the previous employer inquiries related to drug/alcohol testing.  Note:  On 1/6/2020, motor carriers were required to start using the Clearinghouse to conduct pre-employment and annual queries, as well as to report drug/alcohol violations.

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